Top Upwork Competitors in 2020 | Upwork Alternatives


Upwork has been declared as the largest freelancer platform in the world. One can imagine the popularity of the online portal through its freelancer users and registered clients that stand at twelve million and five million respectively. The site posts three million jobs on an annual basis that is worth one billion US dollars. As per the Alexa rankings that were published on 18th February 2020, the company Upwork is ranked at 443rd position in the world.

Elance-oDesk was rebranded in the year 2015 and is now referred to as Upwork although its full company name is Upwork Global Inc. It is a public company of American origin that was founded in the year 1999 by its founders Sanjay Noronha, Srini Anumolu ad Hayden Brown. It serves its users through headquarters based at Santa Clara, California in the United States.

The global company is an online platform for freelancing. Here the independently working professionals, as well as business organizations, can collaborate by connecting remotely. The platform allows the clients to interview agencies and freelancers so that they can hire the ones they deem suitable and ultimately work with them. The best thing about Upwork platform is that it includes real-time chat that minimizes the time needed to seek, vet and hire individuals interested in freelancing work. The time-sheet app on the platform is a help as it keeps a track of the actual time that has been spent on the project. It is easily verified through screenshots to avoid any confusion and everyone is ultimately happy.

Posting for a job is an overwhelming process if the applicant is not aware of the right platform that can be a help to him. Upwork has proved a blessing to numerous candidates but the system is not without its flaws and limitations. It is the time to find Upwork competitors that will work in your favor.

1. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent is one of the best Upwork competitors in the online marketplace as it helps the business owners to find agencies and freelancers through a few clicks, choose the person they think is suitable, set terms directly and get started. Hubstaff Talent is different from Upwork because it is a free directory with no fees and mark-ups on either side at the onset whereas its nemesis is a paid one.

Hubstaff is a remote company that was founded in the year 2012 by its founders Jared Brown and Dave Nevogt. It serves its users through headquarters base at Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States. The world-renowned company is an online platform that helps staff monitoring and managing remotely via time tracking software. It connects clients and freelancers in this platform in an effective manner.

The platform has an app that displays a freelancer’s resume, availability, experience, skills hourly rate and the languages spoken. The freelancer has an option to add a descriptive note that will show a bit more information about him. It is easy to filter the profile on this platform based on country, experience, availability, and skill and conduct a search through phrases and keywords.

The Hubstaff talent portal has a very small role to play in the pairing and agreements as both the clients and talents work it out amongst themselves. The users can add Hubstaff time tracking software that has payroll and invoicing options through Payoneer, Bitwage, and PayPal. The plans start at 5 dollars per month per user.

2. Credo


If you are looking for a trusted freelance marketplace where every entrant has been vetoed in advance then your search will lead to Credo, an important Upwork competitor. The platform checks the portfolios of every freelancer and then allows the suitable one’s entry on its site.

Credo is associated with marketing and SEO. Its list of services includes SEO site audits, SEO consulting related to real estate, travel, e-commerce as well as international, link building, inbound marketing, content marketing, WordPress development, online reputation management, paid social ads, Facebook ads, and PPC.

The platform Credo offers a helping hand to its users throughout the project. The team provides introductions and recommendations within twenty-four hours of contact. It reaches out personally to freelancers and potential agencies that they think will prove a perfect fit and introduce them to each other.

Later it also helps with clarifications and reviews related to project proposals and keeps a regular watch on the proceedings to make sure that the project is moving on the right track.

3. Fiverr


Fiverr is a commercial platform that requires user registration on its site. It is associated with the online outsourcing industry and is considered a marketplace to find freelancers that will provide necessary services to clients all over the world. The service portfolio includes graphic design, translation, writing, programming, and video editing. The pricing plan starts at 5 dollars and can sometimes reach thousands of dollars when several additional services are involved.

Fiverr is an Israeli origin online company that was founded in the year 2010 by its founders Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman. It serves its users through headquarters base at Tel Aviv, Israel.  As per the Alexa rankings that were published in October 2019, the company is ranked at 147th position in the world.

The Upwork competitor allows the users to browse through the gig for finding something that will meet personal requirements. Creating an account on Fiverr is free and it is possible to communicate with the freelancer before placing your requirement or order. The site is best for people who are looking to complete their gig within a limited budget and that too quickly.

4. | Upwork Competitors is an Australian origin online company that was founded in the year 2009 by its founder Matt Barrie. It serves its users through headquarters based at Sydney, Australia.  As per the Alexa rankings that were published on 19th February 2020, the company is ranked at 918th position in the world., as the name suggests, is a freelance marketplace that deals in online outsourcing. It is an apt Upwork competitor where registration is a must. With seventeen million users as well as 9 million projects to its name Freelancer is growing from strength to strength. The site helps the clients and freelancers to find each other easily and quickly.

You just have to post a project, fill out details about the skills you want in an applicant, pricing options, sign up and it becomes possible to get started. Employers can also reach out directly to a freelancer they deem suitable.

The pricing plan varies from 3 dollars to 3% of the project cost, whichever is higher. The platform provides time tracking tools and upgrades to interested parties at a price. It even allows members to enter contests that have prize money as rewards.

5. Outsourcely


Outsourcely is the best platform for those people who want to hire reliable and efficient freelancers directly. It has been created as an effective Upwork competitor because everybody cannot afford high payment processing fees.

The Employer plan of Outsourcely starts at 19 dollars per month and has limited contact options. The user can increase his plan as per his requirements. The platform even permits the user of creating a free job post on the platform to understand it in a better manner. If you do not find it to your liking the platform guarantees a refund but it should be within thirty days.

Outsourcely is for people who are looking at remote work opportunities for the long-term. It helps employers to interview the freelancers directly and even hire them on the spot without any involvement and interference from the platform. The employers can also pay directly to the freelancers without any additional fees.  There are in-built communication tools that help in real-time interviews, private chats, video, and voice messaging, browser to browser voice and video calling and direct mail. The best feature of Outsourcely is that the employer has the option of managing their remote team through this platform or by inviting existing members to the portal so that everyone can use a single tool.

6. Freeup

Freeup | Upwork Competitors

Freeup is an online portal established by its founder Nathan Hirsch. At the onset, the platform was created for vetting freelancers for e-commerce businesses and later it added other skill sets and work areas as demand for freelancer sites started growing in the market. The platform also handles payments of the freelancers every week through PayPal retainer or credit cards and via ACH only for clients living in the United States. There are no monthly or sign-up fees associated with the online platform. It makes money off the difference in the hourly rate. The best thing about Freeup is that it provides a no-turnover guarantee. If the freelancer falls ill or quits for any reason, then it is the responsibility of the platform to cover the replacement costs and provide a new freelancer to the client.

Freeup is an Upwork competitor and both have their differences as well as similarities. The platform is in great demand as it is simple to use and quick to access. The candidates who are available through the site have several skill sets that are not restricted to a specific task or focus area.

Freeup vets all the candidates based on required skills, their level of communication and attitude and allows only the top candidates into the network. When the client places his order the platform offer one to three pre-vetted candidates based upon client requirement within twenty-four hours. After the introductions, the client can communicate directly with the freelancer via phone device, email or skype. If a client requires specific expertise or wants the platform to hire someone with specific talent then Free up interviews and recruits the individual for the client.

7. Workhoppers


If you are looking for a credible Upwork competitor then choose Workhoppers. It has been specially designed for clients that wish to hire a professional freelancer in their city. There are no processing, commission or additional fees involved as the user has to pay just a monthly fee of 19 dollars.

Workhoppers is an online platform that helps the clients to find a freelancer in the city or local area for a contract job or work on a full-time or part-time basis. The portal has a matching algorithm that offers the users a curated list of potential writers.  It is now possible to contact the candidates directly and negotiate terms and conditions to save time and money.

The process is very straightforward and simple and is meant to save lots of unnecessary hassles involved with the hiring process. The platform believes in direct communication and collaboration and this is why it encourages open talks. Businesses or clients can review the freelancer after the job is completed.

8. Textbroker

Textbroker | Upwork Competitors

Textbroker is described as a content mill site that is best for freelancing writing jobs. It is an online portal that posts various writing jobs from numerous clients that can be picked by any freelancer. Textbroker acts like a middleman as it collects the money from the client and when the submitted work is approved it pays a set portion to the writer.

Textbroker is a high-quality service provider that is considered one of the best Upwork alternatives.  It guarantees continuance in work whatever the circumstances. Suppose the writer gets sick then it is the responsibility of the platform to make sure that it appoints another writer to complete the given work within the deadline.

The user has to create an account, select order type and set up instructions on Textbroker. He will gain access to thousands of writers from all over the world with various levels of skill and their star rating. The client then has to deposit funds and place his order and he is the one to decide about the deadline and the author who will write the article. H can also hire the managed service option at 2500 dollars where the team will handle everything.

By now you must have a fair idea of Upwork competitors that can be a tremendous help to you. Think carefully about all the platforms mentioned above and then make the choice that is most feasible and beneficial for your specific needs and wants.