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Top 12 Slack Competitors in 2021

Slack has been acknowledged and accepted as the best in the business in tech and media circles. It is a software tool that assists in effective workplace communication which often leads to better productivity of the employees as well as the organization. Nearly 500,000 organizations are using it for free and 90,000 as paid users for better navigation, collaboration and communication of information from one to another.

Slack Technologies is credited with developing a proprietary platform for instant messaging. It is known as Slack and was initially released in the year 2013, the month of August. The original authors of Slack are Cal Henderson, Eric Costello, Stewart Butterfield, and Serguei Mourachov. The operating systems that support this platform are Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. Slack is written in Electron and is available in eight languages like English, Spanish, German, French, etc.  It is collaborative software with a proprietary license and has several interesting features that result in its usage as an alternative to email.

Slack has gained immense popularity but now is the time to find Slack competitors so that people can explore other options. It is facts that everyone cannot afford its high rates and in some cases, you might not need all its functionalities hence why to waste your money by buying it unnecessarily. There are various paid as well as free versions in the market that might prove suitable for your needs. Opt for any one of the Slack competitors motioned below if you think that it will prove a blessing for you.

Here are the Top Slack Competitors

1. Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger | Slack Competitors

Troop Messenger is an application that empowers collaboration and communication between team members. Important features of the Slack competitor Troop Messenger are video calls, instant messaging, file sharing in a secure environment and the connection within the organization irrespective of location or time zone.

Several features like virtual meetings, multiple domain merging, delete-and-recall, audio and video calls, speech to text option and screen sharing have made Troop Messenger one of the best alternatives for Slack. The best part is its excellent speed that helps in instant connections.

Troop Messenger boasts of end-to-end encryption so that it becomes very difficult for unauthorized parties to gain access to any sensitive data. It has a secure firewall that guarantees privacy to all the file exchanges, conversations and messages that occur between team members. It is an affordable tool with the free version that can easily meet the requirements of small business enterprises and the premium version which starts at only one dollar, per user per month.

2. G Suite

G Suite

Google Cloud is credited with developing a suite of productivity, cloud computing and collaboration tools, products and software. It is known as G-Suite and was initially released in August in the year 2006. The Slack competitor boasted of seventy million users for education and four million for business purposes.

The G-Suite is capable of document collaboration capabilities and this is why it is easy for teams to store various versions in Drive as well as edit and create documents in real-time.  It includes Currents, Calendar, Hangouts and Gmail for communication and Sites, Forms, Keep, Slides, Sheets and Docs for collaboration and productivity. The G-Suite also comprises of App Maker and Jamboard. All the data and the information is saved instantly as it is on Google’s data centres.

All the above-mentioned services are free to use for the consumers but the enterprise features are added at a domain. The different subscription plans of G-suit includes basic, Enterprise and Business and amongst them, the basic is the cheapest with six dollars every user per month.

3. Blizz

Blizz | Slack Competitors

If you are looking for a Slack competitor then look at Blizz which is an effectual tool for video conferencing used in team meetings.  It is a cloud-based solution that is a favorite amongst small and large business organizations. It works to improve daily productivity and business processes so that collaboration is reliable and safe with team members as well as clients all over the world.

Blizz assists in creating suitable connections across international borders as well as remote offices at the domestic front. Video sessions, video calls, team meetings and instant chats are no longer a hassle thanks to Blizz. It is now possible for a user to schedule conferences and send invites for stream presentations, share chats and files during live meetings and send surveys about the post-meeting.

Blizz has an easy-to-use interface that is also quick. The software tool can capture audio recordings as it supports high-resolution videos. Blizz is available in one free plan and three plans Company, Crew and Core, which are paid subscriptions. The cost of paid plans at the onset is 6 dollars per month for the participants and can increase accordingly.

4. Fleep


Fleep is a collaboration software that integrates collaboration tools with business chats for easy multitasking. The tool is one of the most flexible solutions and is considered apt for several operating systems and devices.

The Slack competitor Fleep is an effectual app that encourages sharing files and making connections seamlessly. It is easy for the user to manage push notifications on conversation levels and apps.

Important features of Fleep include control email notifications, set up silent mode, choosing specific alert sounds and an elegant interface. The paid plan of the tool starts at five dollars per user, per month.

5. Miro

Miro | Slack Competitors

Miro is a whiteboarding tool that is used for online brainstorming sessions. It includes more than sixty templates as well as interactive frameworks that help the user in quick collaboration with the team. This software is best for consulting, creative industries, advertising and marketing agencies, web design and graphic services as well as software companies.

The Slack competitor was launched in the year 2011 in the United States. It supports various platforms and is easily installed in Mac, Windows, Android Native, iOS and Web. Miro offers a free plan to the interested parties along with two subscription-based paid plans known as Company and Team. The initial price for the paid plans is ten dollars per month for every user.

Miro is a cloud-based solution that includes video sharing, screen sharing, commenting and chatting for visual collaboration. It is now possible for product development teams or designers to discuss ideas, create and share designs, create mind maps and visualize process workflows through this tool. Important features of this Slack competitor are calendar management, brainstorming, content management, discussion boards, contact management, real-time editing, task management and document management.

6. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams | Slack Competitors

The world-renowned company Microsoft is credited with developing collaboration and communication platform for application integration, file storage, video meetings, and workplace chat. This service is known as Microsoft Teams and was initially released in the year 2017 in New York. It had a stable release in the year 2019, October. The operating systems that support this platform are android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.  It is collaborative software with a proprietary commercial license and is available in twenty-six languages like English, Japanese, German, French etc.

Microsoft Teams is considered a Slack competitor because it can simplify and protect team collaboration to an advanced level. The software has the potential to transform the way users manage and operate business activities. It felicitates effectual communication and allows the user to customize the workspace and collaborate in the in-built Office 365 application.

Important features of Microsoft Teams include 1 TB storage space per organization and a limit of 15 GB for file upload, free usage of Microsoft Teams for Office 365 package members and inbuilt integration of every MS Office tools.

7. Samepage


Samepage is a centralized tool used for project collaboration. It is a cloud-based solution that includes chat, videoconferencing, shared activity feeds, document editing, team calendars, task management and file sharing.

The Slack competitor has a drag-and-drop interface which is liked by the users. It is best for teams of all sizes as it assists in improving teamwork, get updates from outside and inside the organization and effectual communication. It supports various platforms and is easily installed in Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and Web.

Samepage offers a free plan to the interested parties along with two subscription-based paid plans known as Enterprise and Pro. The initial price for the paid plans is eight dollars per month for every user and billed annually.  Important features of this award-winning solution are presentation streaming, private chat, real-time chat, HD video, on-demand webcasting, screen sharing, two-way video and audio and video conferencing.

8. Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq

Zoho Cliq is a communication software that can provide business entities with advanced messaging features. These go beyond the functionality limit as it supports multiple displays and channels in one single window for easy and quick monitoring and access.

The Slack competitor Zoho Cliq is a favourite of small as well as large business enterprises as it assists in successful communication within the teams. It provides innumerable security options to protect confidential files and company data so that the chance of a security breach is minimum.

Zoho Cliq has several important features that assure the user of its effectiveness. The UI interface and design help in quick navigation with the help of drag and drop file transfer. The Slack competitor is available as a free plan where it allows ten integration and 100 GB file storage per organization along with a 10k limit for the searchable message. The software is available as a paid plan that allows 100 GB file storage per user at the cost of 0.58 dollars per user per month.

9. talkspirit


talkspirit is a social communication tool used for team productivity, collaboration, digital workplace, communication, and collaboration. It is a cloud-based solution that helps users to chat with multiple team members as well as individual users for sharing information just like social networking channels. talkspirit resembles its rival brand Slack in terms of usability and design. The solution is best for public associations or institutions and small business enterprises.

Important features of talk spirit include audio calls, notifications, a news feed, file sharing, mobile access, search, task management, video conferencing, third-party integration, brainstorming, calendar management, content management, project management, discussion boards, and chat.

talkspirit offers a single subscription paid plan to the interested parties that cost 3.35 dollars per month every user, billed annually or 4.47 dollars per user, per month billed monthly.

10. Blink

Blink is considered one of the most important communication tools that integrate file storage, instant messaging and integration to make the task of the user easy. There is no longer a desperate need for admin forms and notice boards as Blink has been able to digitalize the old processes.

The Slack competitor Blink can reach the employees and engage with them on a handy mobile app. It has been specifically created for organizations that are promoting the desk-less workforce. It is a perfect app for entities belonging to sectors like hospitality, retail, logistics, and construction.

Important features of Blink include encrypted data and enterprise-level security. It offers the digitally disconnected employee a voice and thus assists in boosting employee satisfaction. Although Blink is considered a mobile app but a desk-based app is also available for employees who need it.

11. Ryver


Ryver is a tool that is considered very competent by its users. It is a favorite for content management and task management as the solution can set reminders, start a topic thread, create a task out of inbox messages and add reactions and pin it.

The Slack competitor Ryver boasts of simple functionality and search features. The point of difference between the two tools is that Slack allows ten thousand messages whereas Ryver allows unlimited search options. Just as soon the user types the word the result is displayed within seconds. Slack wins the battle in integration as it allows the implementation of more than one thousand integrations whereas Ryver does not.

Ryver encourages audio and video conversations because of its in-built capabilities, which makes the quality of the calls much better than any other software. Ryver is a paid plan with the Enterprise plan at 399 dollars per month and a premium plan at 99 dollars per month.

12. Mattermost

Mattermost | Slack Competitors

If you are looking for premium software then look at Mattermost as it is one of its kind. It is considered first-rate software that assists in business chats by offering high-end collaboration solutions.

The Slack competitor Mattermost is an open-source and hybrid tool that offers its paid users scalable and highly encrypted messaging solutions across various operating platforms like PC, web, and mobile.  The secure network ensures that any data and information is not lost.

Important features of the self-hosted solution Mattermost are file sharing, video conferencing, search, push notifications, discussion threads, discussion boards, task management, and brainstorming. Mattermost is a paid plan and Enterprise E20 starts at 8.50 dollars per month per user and Enterprise E10 at 3.35 dollars per month per user.

There is a strong need to improve workplace communication and this is why people are looking at Slack competitors. They believe these new entrants in the market can help them in addressing related issues with competitive features at affordable rates. This is the era where you need a Business Instant Messaging Software if you are interested in improving communication and taking your company forward.