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Top 11 Sauce Labs Competitors | Sauce Labs Alternatives

Cloud-based browser testing platforms are in high demand in the current scenario where companies are looking at these automated portals for easy debugging.

Sauce Labs is a provider of test management systems that acts as a tool for tech stack companies. It is an American origin company that was founded in the year 2008 by its founders AI Sargent, John Dunham, Steven Hazel, and Jason Huggins. It has its headquarters based at San Francisco in the United States and offers services to large, medium and small business houses. Sauce Labs is associated with web development and enterprise software industry. It is an automated testing platform that deals in the web, cloud-hosting and mobile application.

It also offers support to open source projects, cross-browser testing and live web as well as app testing. The best thing about Sauce Labs is that it can work with all the browsers, mobile devices, and operating systems and offer enterprise-grade scalability and security. Its pricing plan included 19 and 149 dollars per month for live and automated structures respectively and 298 dollars per month for the unlimited automated plan.

Sauce Labs is no doubt a leader in innovation and one of the largest testing cloud but it is one amongst the many. It is important to get a handle on the rest of the services and know about them before making a choice. Let me offer a comparative study of Sauce Labs competitors that will provide with a detailed comparison.

It is always best to look out for a product that will be able to meet your individual needs and preferences because at the end of the day every company has something or other that differentiates it from others in the same industry. Some of the top ones who pose strong competition for this test management system are as follows.

Top Sauce Lab Competitors

1. CrossBrowserTesting


SmartBear is a private company of American origin that was founded in the year 2008 by its founder Jason Cohen.  It has its headquarters based in Boston in the United States.  The company is associated with the technology industry and delivers tools for API, API testing, APM, software testing and software development.

CrossBrowserTesting is provided by SmartBear for running visual, live and selenium UI tests on mobile browsers as well as desktops. It fits in the CI process with integrations like Jira, GitHub, Jenkins, etc. The best thing about this Sauce Labs competitors tool is that the user can conduct parallel testing on several browsers at the same time. Other important features of CrossBrowserTesting are five automated parallels, ten manual parallels, unlimited automated minutes, native debugging options, high quality live testing, real-device manual testing and network, and video recordings.

The pricing structure of CrossBrowserTesting is very reasonable if you compare it with other tools. For live testing, the company charges just 29 dollars monthly and for automated testing 60 dollars per month. If your usage is more than opt for the unlimited plan that is available at 100 dollars per month.

2. Kobiton | Sauce Labs Competitors


Kobiton is one of the best Sauce Labs competitors that is suitable for every type of enterprise from small to large. Its pricing plan is very affordable and realistic if you compare it with that of Sauce Labs.  The platform provides the option of free trial and that means no cost to understand whether it will be apt for the user or not. If you decide to opt for it then the team plan costs 50 dollars per month whereas the Org plan costs 500 dollars for a month. The supported languages on the Kobiton platform include Ruby, Python, Node JS, C#, Java and PHP.

Kobiton is a company of American origin that has its headquarters based in Atlanta in the United States.  It is associated with the technology industry and delivers highly flexible tools that are apt for the cloud-based mobile experience.  The platform helps to accelerate the process of delivery as well as testing of hybrid, web as well as native apps on iOS and Android.

Kobiton has been in the news lately because of the Scriptless automation tool that is used in mobiles and permits creating and exporting open standard Appium scripts without code. Important features include integration with both CD and CI tools, unlimited users, unlimited execution of the parallel test, remote device as well as on-premise lab management and test analysis.

3. BrowserStack


BrowserStack is a cloud-based mobile and web testing portal that assists the developers to test mobile applications and websites on real mobile devices, operating systems, and on-demand browsers. The user does not have to install or maintain any device, virtual machine or emulators for it. Important features of this Sauce Labs competitor include instant access and responsive testing from twelve hundred on-demand real operating systems, browsers and mobile devices.

BrowserStack is an online platform that was founded in the year 2011 by its founder Nakul Aggarwal and Ritesh Arora.  It has its headquarters based at Mumbai in India.  The company is associated with the technology industry and delivers a tool for web development and enterprise software.

For browser testing, the company charges just 29 dollars for live testing and 99 dollars for automated Pro testing per month and the automated mobile testing is at 49 dollars per month. For the mobile app, the charges are 49 ad 199 dollars per month for live and App Automate testing respectively.

4. Selenium | Sauce Labs Competitors


Selenium is a framework that helps in testing of web applications. It offers playback and portable tool to conduct functional tests without learning script language. Selenium was released in the year 2018 on the 19th of November and has managed to become one of the strongest Sauce Lab competitors in such a short duration.

Selenium can be run on macOS, Linux, and Windows and it offers a domain-specific language known as Selenese so that the user can write tests in programming languages, for instance, Scala, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, C# and Perl.

Selenium is open-source software that automates the browsers and can be used by any company. It was released under the Apache Licences 2.0 and offers several products like Selenium Grid, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium IDE.

5. Appium


Appium is an automation tool that is used for testing hybrid, mobile web, and native applications and running scripts on iOS and Android with the help of a WebDriver. This Sauce Lab competitor was released under the Apache 2 Licence and provides services to every enterprise from small, medium and large.

Appium was originally developed in the year 2011 by its developer Dan Cuellar.  It is an open-source tool written with the help of C# programming language and under the name of iOSAuto. Appium has been the recipient of the 2014 Bossie award of InfoWorld about the best mobile software and open-source desktop. It was also selected by Black Duck Software in the category of Open Source Rookie of the Year.

Important features of Appium include that it supports every language, tests any mobile app and offers full access to backend DBs and APIs from test code. It can be run on Android, iOS and Windows apps and support programming languages, for instance, Visual Studio, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, and Perl.

6. TestComplete | Sauce Labs Competitors

TestComplete | Sauce Labs Competitors

SmartBear is a private company of American origin that was founded in the year 2008 by its founder Jason Cohen.  It is associated with the technology industry and delivers tools for software testing and development. TestComplete is one such tool from SmartBear that acts as an automated testing platform for various application types like Android, Web, Microsoft Windows, and iOS apps, Java, VCL, NET, Silverlight, Flex, Flash, HTML5, and WPF.

TestComplete is a functional tool that offers services to medium, small and large business enterprises. It is one of the Sauce Lab competitors that have nearly 40% overlapping services with Sauce Labs. The pricing plan starts at 1199 dollars.

An important feature of TestComplete is that tests can be manually created, scripted and recorded with keyword and can be used for error logging and automated playback. Other features include distributed testing, access to properties and methods of internal objects, data-driven testing, allows to create the script with seven languages and provides bug tracking integration.

7. TestingBot


With 20% of overlapping services, TestingBot is considered an apt Sauce Lab competitor. It provides easy-to-use testing services for both browsers and apps. The best thing about TestingBot is that it is offering cloud-based Appium and Selenium Grids and access to two thousand devices and browsers. This will improve developer productivity to a great deal.

TestingBot offers testing services that include automated testing, JS unit testing, visual testing, and live testing.

The pricing structure of TestingBot is very affordable if you compare it with other tools. For live testing, the charges are just 20 dollars on a monthly basis, for automated testing 50 dollars per month and automated-pro testing 90 dollars per month. If you want to opt for the enterprise plan then you have to deal directly after speaking about your specific requirements.

8. Endtest | Sauce Labs Competitors

Endtest | Sauce Labs Competitors

With 20% of overlapping services, Endtest is a Sauce Lab competitor that helps to perform automated testing. It is a tool that is used by various technology companies that deal in developing mobile and web applications.

Endtest supports the concept of codeless testing and the best thing about this tool is that it can easily perform testing on multiple browsers, iOS devices, and Android. Other important features of Endtest include the ability to manage tests directly in the cloud and generating random test data.  It also felicitates taking screenshots, uploading files and video recording.

The pricing structure of Endtest is reasonable if you compare it with Sauce Lab and other competitors in the industry. There is a basic plan free of cost for users that want to test, understand and judge its suitability as per specific needs. For automated-pro testing, the plan will cost 1650 dollars every year and if you want to opt for the enterprise plan then you have to deal directly with your specific requirements.

9. LambdaTest

LambdaTest | Sauce Labs Competitors

LambdaTest is associated with the technology industry and is a platform that offers cloud-based services for the web app and website testing. It is now possible for a user to conduct automated and live testing on this specific platform. It is considered a Sauce Lab competitor as its performance is at par with the company.

LambdaTest offers its services to small, medium and large enterprises as well as freelancers. It also enables cross-browser testing to the interested parties. The platform helps its clients to maximize their goto market time and reduce the build times through its automated testing process. It assists in performing responsive testing. There is not even the need to set up a huge infrastructure for testing as the platform can assist with testing in its cloud environment.

The pricing structure of LambdaTest is very less if you compare it with other competitor’s tools. For live testing, the charges are just 19 dollars on a monthly basis and for web automated testing 79 dollars per month.

10. Threat Stack | Sauce Labs Competitors

Threat Stack | Sauce Labs Competitors

Threat Stack uses a SaaS model that is customized for business enterprises of all sizes be it medium, small or large. The platform provides security monitoring in a cloud environment where it is not possible to deploy network-based control. The platform tries to eliminate the need for multiple point solutions and tries to create filters that will b able to monitor specific events about a company or organization.

Threat Stack is a private company of American origin that was founded in the year 2012 by its co-founders Dustin Webber, Jason Webber, and Jen Andre.  It has its headquarters based in Boston in the United States.  The company is associated with the computer software industry and delivers numerous services like monitoring of cloud-based infrastructure and cloud security,

Threat Stack is an automated software that is mainly used for testing purposes. It uses cloud management for threat intelligence, access control, and behavioral analysis. The provider bills itself as per the usage of its services.

11. GhostLab

GhostLab | Sauce Labs Competitors

One of the important Sauce Lab competitors is GhostLab which has an easy-to-set setup. Just drag a URL to create a new site entry and it is ready to work. It is available for Mac and Windows. The tool helps the developer to test the site on several devices and browsers at one go. After deploying the server it is possible for reloading of cross-device and cross-browser.

The best thing about GhostLab is that it does not need an additional browser or software that has to be used as an extension or has to be installed on any device. It provides a testing page that is already pre-set and when opened will display important information. It can also synchronize reloads, clicks, scrolls and form input across all connected clients

GhostLab is a proprietary tool and this is why not free to use. There is a free trial period for the interested parties that will last for seven days., This is just to understand the basic concept and know whether it will be suitable for a specific requirement. A user has to spend 49 dollars monthly for this plan.

It is the time to look for Sauce Labs competitors so that a company can make the correct choice based on available features, pricing plan rates as well as the credibility of the vendor. This will minimize the chance of buying an app that is not able to meet your specific requirements. It is better to analyze the various programs and find credibility that will support your decision.