SWOT Analysis Of Samsung in 2020 | Samsung SWOT

SWOT Analysis for Samsung

A popular South Korean company, Samsung is the largest producer of electronic devices. The company is one of the main producers of electronic devices. Samsung focuses on the production of a wide variety of electronics that includes appliances, semiconductors, digital media devices, integrated systems, and memory chips. It has the most popular names in technology and produces about one-fifth of total South Korea’s exports.

Samsung was earlier founded during the year 1938 by Lee Byung Chull as a grocery transaction store. The business was established in Korea by trading noodles and other related goods to export to China. Over the years, Lee extended the business to the textile industry and opened a large woolen mill in Korea. Then slowly it went into chemical and petrochemical industries. During the year 1969, the company ventured into the electronics industry and its first product introduced was the black and white television. During the year 1970, Samsung started to export home electronic products globally. Then it slowly emerged into a technology company and it soon became a top leader in the information technology services.

The SWOT analysis of Samsung lists its strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats that throws light on the company as where they need to focus to increase their revenue. After reading this article, you will know where Samsung stands in the technology industry.

Before we start the discussion on the SWOT analysis of Samsung, let us understand a bit of the background of the company Samsung.

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Top 8 Home Depot Competitors

Home Depot Competitors

There has been unprecedented growth in the home improvement sector in recent years. The growth of home values has nudged homeowners towards buying things that will improve the overall appearance of their home front. The nationwide spending on this sector has doubled if you look at the rest of the retail sector and this is why the related companies have shown a rise in their revenue figures.

Home Depot is one such company that has reported exceptional growth figures as the brand posted revenues for the fiscal year 2018 at 108.2 billion US dollars. It has the distinction of being the largest retailer in the United States in terms of home improvement products that includes a supply of construction products, tools and services. The Home Depot, Inc is an American origin public company that was founded in the year 1978 by its founders Kenneth Langone, Pat Farrah, Ron Brill, Arthur Blank, and Bernard Marcus.

It serves in United States, Canada and Mexico with headquarters based in Atlanta and has a presence with two thousand two hundred and eighty-five outlets. Home Depot is associated with the retail industry and deals in home appliances along with garden supplies and plants, flooring, plumbing, paint, building materials, lumber, hardware, and tools.

The trend towards large remodels is on the rise and it is evident by the National Association of Home Builder’s NAHB Remodelling Market Index or RMI that has shown a growth of 31% in the middle of the year 2019. The renovation business is headed towards half a trillion and this is why numerous retail giants have included related products in their product portfolio. It is a fact that every one of these companies is trying to cash in the available opportunities in this sector. Let us go through some of them to know more about the ones that are considered Home Depot competitors.

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Top 9 Cisco Competitors

Cisco Competitors

Cisco Systems Inc is popularly referred to as Cisco and is a company that has posted exceptional revenues for the fiscal year 2019 at 51.90 billion US dollars. 75% of its revenues is the result of sales from products related to application platforms and infrastructure. It is an American origin public company that was founded in the year 1984 by its founders Sandy Lerner and Leonard Bosack. The multinational conglomerate serves a worldwide area with headquarters based at San Jose, California in the United States.

Cisco is a technology company that deals in design, manufacturing, developing and selling networking software, telecommunications equipment, networking hardware and various other high-technology related products and services. The brand specializes in some specific markets like energy management, domain security and internet of things or IoT. In the enterprise networking sector, Cisco is considered the undisputed leader since it started operations in the year 2017. It is the proud owner of an estimated 60% of the market share of switching and router market.

Cisco has a broad product portfolio backed by even broader financial resources. Its client list has companies of every possible size from small, medium to large and includes organizations, service providers, government offices and public institutions. It faces challenges at every nook and corner and still has managed to stand tall and face the test of time. It has been applauded by the industry experts for dealing with competition at all fronts and coming out the winner despite it. Some of the main rival brands of Cisco are-

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Top 7 Stitch Fix Competitors

Stitch Fix Competitors - 1

The personal styling segment is the current norm in recent times where people do not have the necessary time to shop. It has changed the way people deal with their shopping spree. There is nothing simple about it anymore because there are fashion experts and professional stylists associated with these platforms that choose quality designs, best fabrics and amazing styles for their clients and make decisions regarding what will suit them best. It is a thorough process and not a random selection and includes knowing about the size, taste, preference of the client and understanding what he/she will like and what will suit them best. There are numerous companies in the market but one of the best with two billion users in its fold is Stitch Fix.

Stitch Fix is a public company of American origin that was founded in the year 2011 by its co-founders Erin Morrison Flynn and Katrina Lake. It serves its users through headquarters base at San Francisco in the United States. The world-renowned company is an online platform that is associated with the retail industry and deals in personal styling services. In the year 2018, the company was valued at an estimated 2 billion dollars and as per the latest reports on 12th March year 2020, the market value was 1.32 billion Dollars. The online portal has an association with innumerable brands to offer the best available products to its customers. Besides men and women’s apparel, it has also incorporated footwear in its product and service section and is a favorite of celebrities like Reese Witherspoon, Kendall Jenner, and Laureen Conrad, etc.

Using personal styling services is the smartest thing to do because it is a win-win situation for people who do not have the time as well as an understanding of it. Several portals offer such services and are considered some of the best Stitch Fix competitors in the world. Let us go through some of them to have a better understanding of the alternatives at our disposal.

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Competitive Pricing – Advantages and Examples

Competitive Pricing

It is very essential to price your product effectively. If the products or services are not priced appropriately, it may lead to a disaster- simple because none of your customers would opt for them. If the prices are too high compared to your competitors operating in the same market segment, it may lead to customers opting for their products or services. If the prices are set too low just for the sake of increasing adoption among customers, it may cause your profits to erode, causing a serious impact on your business.

Competitive pricing, in simple words, is a strategy where you price your products or services according to the prices being offered by your competitors.

In this article, let us explore what is competitive pricing, the advantages of competitor pricing, the issues with competitive pricing and understand the same in-depth via some real-life examples.

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Sustainable Competitive Advantage

sustainable competitive advantage

Well, business today is not without competition. While it is quite essential and essential to gain a competitive advantage over your rivals, how can you ensure that you can continue to have a sustainable competitive advantage?

Confused you further? What is this Sustainable Competitive Advantage? Lets us check out what is a sustainable competitive advantage and how to achieve it.

What is Sustainable Competitive Advantage?

Well now that we are aware of what is a competitive advantage and how you will be able to gain an edge over your competitor, Sustainable competitive advantage refers to achieving a competitive advantage that offers you long term sustainability of your assets.

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SWOT Analysis of Nestle

SWOT Analysis for Nestle

Nestle is the largest company in the world for food and beverage. It is the world’s foremost company for manufacturing products on nutrition, health, and wellness. The company has about 2000 brands that range from global to local favorites. The company is in about 187 countries across the world. It is in Switzerland.

Then brand having about 2000 various brands covering over seven categories in food and beverages. The main products of the brand are powdered and liquid beverages, ice cream, milk products, and pet care products. The company owns many consumer brands like Nestea, Nescafe, Nestle, KitKat, Purina, and Vittel. Most of the brands are popular brands.

The SWOT analysis of Nestle discerns its main strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats that helps Nestle to maintain a prominent place in the market. Read out this article, to get an understanding of where Nestle stands.

Before we begin in-depth on the SWOT analysis of Nestle, let us understand a bit of the background of the company Nestle.

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SWOT Analysis of Amazon in 2020

SWOT Analysis of Amazon

Amazon is a multinational company and is based out in Seattle. Amazon has about 750,000 employees and its business focuses on the following areas:

  • Online Commerce
  • Cloud Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Streaming

Amazon is considered one of the top four technology companies amongst Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Amazon is considered the most significant economic and top cultural forces across the world. The company’s popularity is extensive across the globe.
It is estimated to have about 310 million active users and about one million subscribers across the globe. Amazon is the world’s top online retailer and it has many achievements, effective launches, and eye-popping profits.

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Top 9 Facebook Competitors

Facebook Competitors - 1

Facebook is synonymous with social media and this is why it has been able to occupy the number one spot with an active user base of 2.7 billion users. It is a social networking and social media service that is available in nearly one hundred and forty languages in the world. Important features include adding posts, sharing videos, newsfeed, streaming services and of course stories, instant messaging and photo sharing. Facebook has a unique model where revenues are collected via targeted advertisements.

Facebook is an American origin company that was founded in the year 2004 by its founder Mark Zuckerberg and a few other friends of his. It serves a worldwide area except for some places like China that have it blocked through headquarters based at Menlo Park, California in the United States. The Facebook app is available on Chromecast, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, PlayStation 3 / 4, Xbox 360 / One, iOS, Android and PC.  As per the Alexa ranks it is placed at 4th position in the world.

There was a time when a life without Facebook was unthinkable as the day started and ended with a post on this most popular platform. Various controversies, data protection issues, and hidden terms and conditions have contributed to fading charm and a decrease in its popularity. Criticism has forced people to look for Facebook competitors that will have better privacy options and features. Some of the most important and biggest social media platforms besides Facebook are described below with detailed information.

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Top 8 Salesforce Competitors

Salesforce Competitors

Leading industries are dependent on CRM or customer relationship management services in today’s market where technology reigns supreme. The organizations are on the look-out for companies that will offer them a complete suite of enterprise applications that will focus on application development, analytics, marketing automation, and customer service. One company that boasts of doing so and even more is Salesforce that was ranked at 1st and 2nd position in the years 2018 and 2019 respectively by Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Salesforce.com, Inc is a public company of American origin that was founded in the year 1999 by its co-founders Frank Dominguez, Dave Moellenhoff, Parker Harris and Marc Benioff. It serves through headquarters base at San Francisco in the United States. The world-renowned company is associated with the software and cloud computing industry and deals in products like community cloud, commerce cloud, marketing cloud, platform, service cloud, and sales cloud. By the onset of the 4th quarter of the fiscal year 2019-20, the company has posted its revenues at 17.1 billion US Dollars making it a force to reckon within the software and CRM industry.

Salesforce is no doubt one of the biggest names in CRM software space but remember it is not the only option you have. Several companies provide some of the best products and services in the world. They might not have gained instant recognition and fame but their excellent product portfolio and impeccable services are second to none. For organizations that are looking for Salesforce competitors, we have gathered important information that will help in finding a perfect fit for your company. Remember every company is an individual entity with personal needs and requirements and it is better to choose the option that will suit your preferences instead of going with the current flow and opting for the number one brand in the market.

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