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Top Craigslist Competitors | Craigslist Alternatives

The most popular and renowned online classifieds site is Craigslist. It has proved that the online medium is the best way to advertise goods and services. One of the important reasons for its success in the initial days was that people could sit back comfortably in their homes, visit the site and then buy or sell as per their convenience as well as requirements.

Craigslist is a private company of American origin that was founded in the year 1995 by its founder Craig Newmark.  It serves via headquarters based at San Francisco, California in the United States. The company has spread its presence in five hundred and seventy cities in seventy countries. It serves nearly twenty billion page views, is home to eighty million new classified ads, and receives two million job listings every month. The website has sections that are specific to particular jobs, resumes, discussion forums, gigs, community service, other services, items wanted, for sale items, and housing.

Craigslist has no doubt proved itself as one of the topmost classified sites in the world but with time it has become prone to scams and spam ads. There was a time when large community worked in its favor but not so in recent years as it looks like an overcrowded railway station. People have started looking for its alternatives so that they can fulfill their requirements on some other site. Some of the major Craigslist competitors are described below for your benefit.

1. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is not a specific classified site but it allows its users to use the platform as a marketplace for buying and selling of products. The best thing about Facebook Marketplace is that it guarantees high security during transactions and is quick and has proved convenient for the user. The site was relaunched by Facebook in the year 2016 to create further awareness. Users can visit the Facebook Marketplace also via the Facebook app, which is dedicated to peer-to-peer shopping. The user has to set his filter options and search for the local marketplace that is within 100 miles from the location. Important features of the Facebook Marketplace include browse-to-buy, sell-your-stuff and search-your-surroundings.

Facebook Marketplace has found a prominent place in the list of Craigslist competitors as people are more comfortable using this site than Craigslist. They are dealing with family or friends or persons known to them and not unknown people who could be frauds. The first thing that the user looks for is a secured transaction and the reputation of Facebook says it all. People are comfortable in their environment as Facebook is already an integral part of their daily lives.

Users must have a Facebook profile to get started on this platform as anonymous people cannot interact on it. The individual now has to post a status update on the Facebook Marketplace with a picture of the item he wants to sell, a brief description of that item, and the asking price. He can also ask his friends to share the post with their friends and in this way, the post is exposed to innumerable people in a short time.

2. eBay Classifieds

eBay Classifieds | Craigslist Competitors

eBay is an American origin e-commerce company that encourages B2C and C2C sales through its high-profile website. It launched a classified online service by the name of Kijiji that operates as a network of online communities for local advertisements.

Kijiji acts as a fully-owned subsidiary of its parent company eBay and the website is available in nearly one hundred cities. It is one of the strongest Craigslist competitors in the online market. The Craigslist competitor boasts of a modern interface with an extensive pet section.

Users find it easy to operate on the eBay Classifieds. The sort function is advanced compared to that of Craigslist and with the help of a few clicks, a buyer can sort items within a specific category by distance and price. There are thumbnail photos of the product with the ad listings so that the buyer can easily scroll through them. In Craigslist, ads disappear from the website after seven days but on eBay Classifieds it stays on for sixty days giving it much-needed exposure. Although the visibility will keep on decreasing with time, it will easily show in targeted queries because of the advanced sort and search function of the website. In November 2019, the site announced that it was now possible to leave user reviews on its platform.

3. OfferUp


One of the Craigslist competitors in the world is OfferUp. It is an online marketplace for C2C transactions that have gained recognition because of user-profiles that has an important feature called ratings as well as its mobile-friendly app. The clear user interface has become the best place to sell and buy gently used goods. It is easy to list products on OfferUp than any other site.

OfferUp is a private company of American origin that was founded in the year 2011 by its founders Arean Van Veelen and Nick Huzar.  It serves via headquarters based at Bellevue, Washington in the United States. OfferUp is a user-friendly app available for iOS, web, and Android devices.

The marketplace features photos of the goods that are for sale. On the buyer side, the products that are nearest to your location will be shown first to encourage face meets. It is also possible to filter by distance, price, and category. There is a haggle option on the app that allows users to negotiate process with the seller. The watch option assists in keeping a vigilant eye on a specific product or service. If any item remains unsold the buyer can ask for a reduction in prices. There is a basic five-star rating system that allows users to rate one another. The potential buyers and sellers often go through the rating system to get a fair idea about specific products on the site.

4. LetGo

LetGo | Craigslist Competitors

The Craigslist competitor LetGo offers an app and a website to its users so that they can sell, buy, and even chat with others. It is easy-to-use and the user just has to create an account to use the site or app. After sign up the seller can post the photo and description of the item he wants to sell and set a price or use the negotiable option if so desires. The buyer can shop for any item he wants with its search tool and filtering options on the site as well as via the app.

OfferUp is a private company that was founded in the year 2015 by its founders Enrique Linares, Jordi Castello, and Alec Oxenford.  It serves via headquarters based at York City in the United States and Barcelona. OfferUp is a user-friendly app available for iOS and Android devices. The app initially targeted customers in the United States market but later spread to other places like Canada and Norway. In March 2020, OfferUp announced that it would be acquiring LetGo.

By January 2018, the LetGo app had nearly seventy-five million downloads and two hundred million listings for second-hand products and by August of that same year downloads and listings were up by one hundred million and four hundred million respectively showing a growth of 65%. Nearly three billion messages were exchanged between users and its monthly repeat visitors were in tens of millions.

5. Mercari

Mercari | Craigslist Competitors

The Craigslist competitor Mercari is an e-commerce platform, as well as an app that has put its focus on the listings so that the users can buy and sell to their heart’s content without being distracted by other things. The easy-to-use app boasts of excellent design and-friendly features so that the users find it convenient.

Mercari is a Japanese origin company that was founded in the year 2013 by its founders Tommy Tomishima, Ryo Ishizuka, and Shintaro Yamada.  It currently operates in Japan, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Mercari is a user-friendly app available for iOS and Android devices. There is a 10% selling fee attached to the platform but users do not mind paying it because of the quick shipping system and great product content.

The Mercari Marketplace app has become the largest community-powered marketplace. Important features include the Mercari channel for live streaming and Mercari NOW service that allows the user to receive instant cash for their item.

6. Locanto

Locanto | Craigslist Competitors

Locanto boasts of one of the best interfaces and is considered a worthy Craigslist competitor. Important features include search bars, beautiful menu, options like search by product, state, popular hashtags, and city, etc, and even search alerts for any specific items. There is an option called Post Free Ad if the user is prepared to either create an account or log in with Google account.

Locanto is a marketplace where the user has innumerable options. He can search for anything from events, jobs, pets, vehicles, real estate, for rent, for sale, community, services, and personals.

Locanto Classifieds was launched in July 2006 and was operated by German Start-up Company Yalwa located in Germany. On 21st August of the same year, the services were extended to several cities in the United States, and by 2007 every major city in the United States could access the site. Currently, the site is available in sixty countries all over the world in five languages

Numerous other sites have gained prominence in recent years because of their quality products and impeccable services. They might not have a high number of listings like Craigslist but they offer additional options that you will not find on the premium platform. It is the right time to look elsewhere for your requirements.