Whole Foods Competitors | Alternatives of Whole Foods

Whole Foods Competitors

Whole Foods Market Inc is an American origin company that was founded in the year 1980 by its founder Craig Weller, Mark Skiles, Renee Hardy-Lawson and John Mackey. It operates via headquarters based at Austin, Texas in the United States. The company has spread its presence to five hundred outlets located in North America and seven stores in the United Kingdom by the year 2019. Since the year 2017, it acts as a subsidiary of its parent company Amazon.

Whole Foods Market Inc is a supermarket chain associated with grocery and health food industry. The multinational company is known for its USDA-certified organic selections that are ecologically responsible and environmentally-friendly.

It is involved in selling products that are free from hydrogenated fats and artificial flavours, colours and preservatives of any kind. It was the first company to stop using plastic bags and replacing them with paper or reusable bags at all its stores.

The industry related to organic food items has seen a considerable rise in its fortunes as people are becoming aware of the benefits of natural and organic items. Whole Foods is facing competition from several companies who are especially involved in this industry as well as major supermarket chains that have started keeping a specific section for gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan items. Some of its competitors are listed below.

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Top 8 Warby Parker Competitors | Warby Parker Alternatives

Warby Parker Competitors

The distinction of being one of the topmost eyewear brands in the world goes to Warby Parker. It is associated with the online and offline retail industry as it deals in sunglasses, monocles and prescription glasses and offers progressive and single-vision lenses along with light-responsive options and light-filtering lenses.

Warby Parker is an American origin private company that was founded in the year 2010 by its founders David Gilboa, Neil Blumenthal, Andrew Hunt and Jeffrey Raider. It serves with headquarters based at New York City in the United States. The company has spread its presence through retail outlets in Canada and the United States but its primary mode of selling is through its website. The company has been valued at 2 billion dollars.

Warby Parker is involved in designing the entire items in-house and selling them directly to the customers via retail outlets and its online platform. The process includes ordering the raw materials from Italy and manufacturing frames in its Chinese factories.

In the year 2019, Warby Parker launched an augmented reality app which is a virtual try-on that will show the user how the frame is going to look on his face and help to choose the best available option.

Are you looking for a company that will offer you try-on services? If you think that only Warby Parker provides this service then let me tell you that you are seriously misinformed. Several companies can be a blessing and guide you in picking up the right frame and that to from the comfort of your home. Let’s take a look at some of the major Warby Parker competitors in this industry.

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Top 10 Accenture Competitors | Accenture Alternatives

Accenture Competitors

Accenture is an Irish-domiciled public company that was founded in the year 1989. It serves a worldwide area via headquarters based at Dublin in Ireland. The company has spread its presence to one hundred and twenty countries and serves clients in nearly two hundred cities.

The company has posted impressive revenues, net income and employees for the fiscal year 2019 at 43.20 billion US dollars, 4.78 billion US dollars and 505,000 employees respectively with market capitalization at 125.1 billion US dollars in November 2019.

Accenture is associated with the professional services industry and offers services in digital technology, strategy consulting and operations.

Its product portfolio includes software, technology, delivery, implementation, R&D for emerging technologies via Accenture Technology, management, business and technology consulting via Accenture Consulting business, technology and operations strategy via Accenture Strategy, mobility, analytics, and digital marketing services via Accenture Digital, and cloud services, IT services, business process outsourcing, security and managed operations via Accenture Operations.

The professional services industry is huge with some prominent players in the field. Accenture is one of the top companies and faces stiff competition from its rival brands in all the fields it is involved in. Some major Accenture competitors are listed below.

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Top 8 WordPress Competitors | WordPress Alternatives

WordPress Competitors

WordPress was first released in the year 2003 by its American origin founder and developer Matt Mullenweg and Mike little, the English developer. It is paired with MariaDB or MySQL database, written in PHP and supports operating systems of Linux,  Windows and UNIX-like. It is designed for small, medium and large business enterprises and is considered a leader in Content Management Systems or CMS.

The website builder is one of the most used platforms in the world as it is used by 33.6% of the top websites and this amount to an estimated 10 million websites. It is also used for other application domains, for instance, PDS or pervasive display systems.

WordPress was initially created for online stores and blog publishing but with time has started to provide support to web content like online stores, LMS or Learning Management Systems, membership sites, media galleries and mailing lists and forums. WordPress is available in two versions WordPrss.com and WordPrss.org. Important features are flexibility, expandability and customization.

The Plugin and themes in the repository assist in designing the website effectively and the open-source code helps users to make as many modifications as they like. The software is free but the additional services are payable. Hosting plan is at 6 dollars per month for WordPrss.org and 4 dollars per month for WordPress.com.

The Template version levies one-off fee and then 50 dollars. The Plugin cost between 0 dollars to 200 dollars every year whereas the Programmer plan costs 30 dollars every hour.

WordPress is not meant for everyone as it has its limitations. It is imperative to look at some of the WordPress competitors which can prove to be ideal solutions.

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Top 9 Workday Competitors | Workday Alternatives

Workday Competitors

Workday, Inc is a public company of American origin that was founded in the year 2005 by its co-founders Aneel Bhusri and Dave Duffield. The company serves a worldwide area with headquarters based at Pleasanton, California in the United States.

The company posted its revenues and total assets at 2.14 billion US dollars and 4.95 billion US dollars respectively in the fiscal year 2018. It has been ranked at a fifth position by Fortune magazine on Fortune List of the Top 100 Companies to Work for in 2020.

Workday is cloud-based software associated with cloud computing, human capital management, student administration, payroll and financial management industry. It is a planning tool that is meant for large as well as medium enterprises.

Important features include global compliance, workforce scorecard, audit and internal controls, seamless integration with numerous business systems and apps, integration of finance and HR, talent management, reporting and analytics, benefits and compensation, curated experience for each user, talent marketplace and LMS.

The company generates revenues by selling subscriptions and not the software outright. It has entered the PaaS market to create custom applications, adopted AWS cloud as its testing as well as a development platform and released thirty-two updates of its product line by 2019.

The HR software market is booming as organizations have realised the benefits offered by quality software platforms. Workday has been the undisputed leader in the HCM pack no doubt but the fact of the matter is that it is not perfect for every type of company as it does not work for everyone.

Let’s have a look at Workday competitors that have some of the most astounding features and pricing plans.

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Top 9 Zendesk Competitors | Zendesk Alternatives

Zendesk Competitors

Zendesk is a public company of American origin that was founded in the year 2007 by its co-founders Alex Aghassipour, Morten Primdahl and Mikkel Svane. It serves through headquarters base at San Francisco, California in the United States.

It has spread its presence to an estimated one hundred and fifty countries with more than one lakh nineteen thousand paying customers. By the end of the fiscal year 2019, the company has posted its revenues at 816 million US Dollars. It acts as a subsidiary of its owner company Zendesk, Inc.

The world-renowned company Zendesk is customer service software. It is a unified tool that helps in managing service requests and customer inquiries. The company offers Zendesk Suite which is an all-in-one solution with advanced functionality to meet the needs of an organization.

Important features of the high-end Zendesk Suite include support, chat, guide, connect, talk, sell and explore. The pricing plan starts at 9 dollars per month per agent and a free trial that lasts for thirty days.

If you are looking to switch your allegiance from Zendesk to some other company then let me tell you that there are some better options out there. These Zendesk competitors will provide some of the best products and services in the world. They might not have gained instant recognition and fame but their excellent product portfolio and impeccable services are second to none.

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Top 6 Twitch Competitors | Twitch Alternatives

Twitch Competitors

Twitch was founded in the year 2011 by Emmett Shear and Justin Kan and acquired by Amazon in the year 2014. The commercial site serves a worldwide area with optional registration. It has been ranked at 34th position as per the latest list released by Alexa in April 2020.

The daily active-user, concurrent users and monthly broadcasters attached with this portal are estimated at 15 million, 1 million and 2.2 million respectively. Nearly 27,000 partner channels are associated with the amazing platform.

Twitch is one of the top streaming services for video games, real-life streams, creative content, music broadcasts, eSports broadcasts and live streaming. It accounts for 73% of the total hours watched in live streaming and this equals to 9.3 billion streaming hours that has been watched. It is an on-demand as well as live sharing platform that allows gamers to watch, broadcast and talk about the games.

The company allows its creators to accept donations from the individuals viewing its content.  The Twitch streaming devices are Chromecast, Xbox 360, Fire TV, Playstation, Xbox One, NVIDIA SHIELD, Android, iOS and PC.

Recently Twitch has been a part of several scandals that have tarnished its image and reputation in the industry. Some of its prominent clients like Ninja have severed its association and this has paved the way for other high-profile clients like Cory “King Gothalian” Michael, Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang, Activision Blizzard and Jack “CouRage” Dunlop leaving the company abruptly.

The platform is seeing a low period and this is the right time to look for potential Twitch competitors that will assure no-stop great content and better services at reasonable rates.

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7 Surface Pro Competitors | Alternatives of Surface Pro

Surface Pro Competitor

Surface Pro was released on 9th February 2013 by its designer and developer Microsoft and manufacturer Pegatron. It was supported by the operating systems of Windows 8 Pro which was upgradable to Windows 8.1 and from there to Windows 10.

Surface Pro is one of the best 2-in-one laptops that double as a tablet. Important features include 4 GB dual-channel memory, Intel low-voltage dual-core CPU, 64 GB and 128 GB storage, 10.6 inches display with 208 PPI, Intel HD Graphics 4000, 4-5 hours battery life, USB Type-C port and rear and front camera.

If the Surface Pro is not your cup of tea, then look for Surface Pro competitors as some of them provide more battery life, are available at lower prices, have amazing accessories and better storage space.

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Wix Competitors | Top 8 Alternatives of Wix

Wix Competitor

Wix is an Israeli origin public company that was founded in the year 2006 by its co-founders Giora Kaplan, Nadav Abrahami and Avishai Abrahami. It serves through headquarters base at Tel Aviv in Israel along with offices at Ukraine, United States, Lithuania, Ireland, India, Germany, Canada and Brazil.

In the fiscal year 2018, the company posted its revenues and operating income at 603.70 million dollars and 47.24 million dollars respectively. It acts with the help of its subsidiary companies Flok, OpenRest and DevianArt.

Wix is a software company offering cloud-based services related to web development. It has a drag-and-drop tool that assists users in creating mobile and HTML5 websites. With the help of third-party and Wix applications, a user can add mobile marketing, e-commerce, social plug-ins, email marketing, contact forms and community forums to their websites.

The company operates on a fermium model and earns revenues with help premium upgrades.

Wix is one of the topmost website building platforms in the industry. Beautiful templates, flexible designs, auto-site back-up and excellent features have helped the company in meeting the requirements of its users.

Remember Wix is not the only company in this industry as numerous Wix competitors are vying to grab an equally important market share. Let’s take a look at some of the major companies in the list.

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Top 5 ButcherBox Competitors | ButcherBox Alternatives

Butcher BoxCompetitors

Beef is considered organic only when it is from a 100% grass-fed cow. The wholesome taste is simply awesome and this is why demand is soaring and the industry is growing leaps and bounds. One company that guarantees organic beef is ButcherBox, a private company founded in the year 2015 by its founder Mike Salguero. It is an online platform that serves organic beef, organic chicken and heritage breed pork to its customers in a subscription box format.

ButcherBox is a logistic company that delivers the chosen subscription box at the doorstep every month. There are five options of the eco-friendly box called the Custom Box, The Mixed Box, The Beef and Pork Box, The Beef and Chicken Box and The All Beef Box. The custom box is priced at 149 dollars and the rest at 129 dollars each. The customized selection of meat includes chicken tenders, chicken thighs, breakfast sausage, ground pork, bacon, boneless, skinless chicken breasts, whole chicken, chicken drumstick, steak tips, top sirloin steak, baby back ribs, strip steaks, pork tenderloin, pork chops, beef stew meat and burgers.

ButcherBox has seen a tremendous rise in its popularity and revenue earnings in recent years. The craze for healthy eating is growing day-by-day and several new entrants have entered the market to cash in the popularity of organic meat. Some of the ButcherBox competitors with amazing product portfolio are listed below.

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