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Top 11 Airbnb Competitors in 2020 | Airbnb Alternatives

Are you looking for accommodations in a specific locality or are you going on sightseeing and are looking for a place to rent in the interim.

The tourism and lodging industry is prospering leaps and bounds, day and night because more than sixty per cent of the people are travelling and thus need a vacation property, an entire home, an apartment or simple bread and breakfast accommodation for a honeymoon, business trip, weekend getaway or family vacation.

Airbnb was considered one of the best online marketplaces that could make a perfect fit by connecting people who were looking for tourism experiences and lodgings, primarily homestays, with people who wanted to rent out their places at reasonable rates.

Its presence is spread to more than one hundred and ninety-one countries that include eighty-one thousand cities spread over almost all the parts of the globe. The private company has played smart by not investing in any real-estate instead is acting as a broker that receives a commission from every booking.

Airbnb no doubt has been the frontrunner in this business since a long time but its usefulness has become exaggerated. Recently it has been accused of racism, price hikes, ignoring rental laws and lack of transparency in its dealings.

If every one of us went to book through Airbnb is it possible to get a good place to stay on specific dates. There are lots of Airbnb competitors in the market that promises to provide excellent services within your budget and has proved their worth through impeccable services. Let us look at some of the Airbnb competitors so that we can contact them the next time we are travelling.

Top 11 Airbnb Competitors

1. HomeAway

HomeAway | Airbnb Competitors

One of the best Airbnb competitors in the online marketplace is HomeAway who offers to provide travellers with some of the best experiences in the world via its rental properties and vacation homes. Listed in Forbes as one of the “Most Trustworthy Companies”, HomeAway as the name suggests, provides you with a real-home experience away from your home.

The best thing is that the company has put its onus on whole-home rentals and it is easy to find cottages, rustic cabins, a luxury seaside villa, beach house, urban apartments etc that you can think of based on factors like amenities, location, property type and of course within the set budget. HomeAway is also the owner of several popular websites like VRBO, VacationRentals.Com that offer similar services and are also considered Airbnb competitors in their might.

The Airbnb competitor provides own travel insurance and does not even levy booking fees to its users. It offers the guests ample opportunities to book a vacation rental from and in any part of the world. Navigation is easy on the online portal for both the proprietor or the host and the guest and this is why both of them can communicate and interact directly and make bookings after deciding whether the needs and requirements are being met.

2. | Airbnb Competitors

With more than ten million rentals in 150,000+ locations in and around the world, Tripping.Com has created a distinct place for itself in the vacation rental space. It is considered the best of everything as it has listings from every Airbnb alternative that makes it one-stop marketplace.

Tripping.Com is a highly popular search engine that offers travellers a variety of unique accommodations with the onus on ambience and comfort especially if you are looking for a long-term stay. The site has joined hands with several hotshots in the VR business that gives the user an option to evaluate vacation rentals by using amenities, features, locations, ratings and price range across all the major providers. This has proved a smart move as the user can now compare and identify whether it is worthwhile for him to make a booking or not.

Launched in the year 2009, the San Francisco based company has friendly relations with some of the major lodging sites in the hospitality sector like Homestay, FlipKey, VRBO ad HomeAway and proved itself as a worthy Airbnb competitor.

3. HomeToGo

HomeToGo | Airbnb Competitors

Founded in the year 2014, HomeToGo is a recent entry in the vacation rental space and within such a short duration has been able to find a major spot in the list of top Airbnb competitors in the world. It has been successful in spreading its presence to an estimated two hundred countries in the world with more than fifteen million offers.

HomeToGo has been successful in joining with nearly three hundred providers like Expedia, VRBO and HomeAway to provide its users exemplary products and services and unrivalled amount of choice.

The Airbnb competitor has become a favourite of travellers who are looking at the user-friendly portal for easy comparisons and impressive offers that are within their pockets. The largest search engine with its flexible data-searching and smart filtering helps to make comparisons from a long list of properties provided by diverse providers. Identifying a perfect vacation rental is now hassles free, easy and fast as the interface can shift through and select the best offers in the same place at one go.

4. FlipKey

FlipKey | Airbnb Competitors

FlipKey has a presence in an estimated eleven thousand cities in the world and offers its users a choice of more than three lakh vacation homes. With proper verification process in place, the site makes sure that the properties for use are safe for its users and offers them the promised amenities and comfort. When vacay-rental joins with this popular site the property are exposed to nearly three hundred and forty million travellers per month without an additional cost and this is surely a feat in itself.

FlipKey works as a subsidiary of Tripadvisor since the year 2008 and has been able to take advantage of its parent company to become one of the largest inventories of vacation rentals in the world. There are several booking methods that users can benefit from like instant bookings, booking requests, inquiries, cancellations etc although the travellers will have to shed a small amount as booking fees at this site

The Airbnb competitor offers both international and domestic offerings to adventure seekers and its property profile lists every detail of the space, bed, bathroom, availability, payment and cancellation policies, management information and photographs of the rentals. The best thing about this Airbnb competitor is that it is easy to browse listings based on the type of trip for instance mountain, beach, city, low-cost, luxury, family-friendly etc.

5. Booking com

Booking is a metasearch engine that offers accommodation and travel services through its user-friendly interface and instant-booking inventory. It boasts of twenty-eight million listings in forty-three languages to attract a vivid user base.

Founded in the year 1996, the Airbnb competitor acts as a subsidiary of American origin Booking Holdings for booking vacation rentals, apartments etc. The filtering system is refined so that it is now easy to search for an exact type of place one needs through the inventory of the listed properties. boasts of being the largest online site for accommodation bookings in the world. It offers free of charge booking option that has been a hit with travellers who are looking for a friendly cancellation policy which will suit their flexible travel plans.

6. Trivago


At one time Trivago was considered one of the top European players in the lodging and hospitality industry and with time it has spread its presence in several worldwide locations. This German transnational company was founded in the year 2005 and within such a short duration has made a name for itself as one of the main Airbnb competitors.

The site is very popular because of its inventory that offers a good selection of bed and breakfast, vacation homes, apartments, hostels etc. This online portal is very easy to use and navigate. Many people do not like to share lodgings with their host and as there is no such provision of sharing the lodgings with the host it has become a favourite of travellers.

Trivago has gained immense popularity as it allows users to make comparisons about hotel prices because other providers, hoteliers and booking platforms list their rates on the Trivago site. It also offers fee-based as well as a free version of its Hotel Manager product, which is used by other hoteliers to market their facilities on this site. With two hundred and fifty booking sites and comparing rates of nearly one million hotels it is no doubt one of the largest search engines in the world



VRBO or Vacation Rental By Owner is an apt Airbnb competitor because its products and services are quite popular amongst the savvy travellers looking for a perfect place to stay. With two million house rentals in almost all the parts of the globe, it has become a favourite of people who are looking for spacious and bigger rental spaces and that too with backyards in some cases.

The property profile lists amenities, minimum stay, photos, bedrooms, bathrooms, availability and other important features. The payment and cancellation policies vary as per the property. VRBO has a built-in review system that will provide the user with the truth because it is not possible to delete unflattering reviews. This gives the viewer the confidence to make a booking with ease.

Although VRBO was founded in the year 1995 since the year 2006 it has been operating as a part of HomeAway Corporation that also deals in vacation rentals. This has helped it to reach unimaginable heights in the lodging industry. An average of one hundred and twenty-seven inquiries per year for every rental property is an impressive feat in this industry.

8. Homestay

Homestay offers a unique and enriching experience to its users as he gets to stay with the host. The point is to provide a taste of authentic lifestyle so that the user can know about local customs and life they lead. The benefit of living with a host is that he can offer his valuable insight into the tourist places, regional dishes and background history that seems fascinating to the outsiders.

It has a presence in an estimated one hundred and sixty countries with nearly thirty-three thousand listings. Homestay offers the option of long-term and short-term rentals and is considered a boon for workers and students.

The accommodations are pretty basic and are best for people who are looking for the best products and services within their limited budget. The service is not free but at the end of the day, you will find that this Airbnb competitor costs much less than what Airbnb costs.

9. Expedia


An important Airbnb competitor in the hospitality and lodging industry is Expedia. There was a time when it was focussed on US travellers but currently has spread its presence to most parts of the world. was launched in the year 2001 as a travel agency that was operated online. It is a metasearch engine where the user can use mobile app and website to book vacation packages, airline tickets, car rentals, hotel reservations and cruise ships. It is owned and operated by its parent company Expedia Group, which has been listed as one of the top earners in the travel business.

Recently Expedia has been acquired by rental giant HomeAway who has added it to its large inventory, making it one of the sought out names in the vacation rental industry.

10. Luxury Retreats

Luxury Retreats

As the name suggests Luxury Retreats promises to provide a luxurious treat to all the travellers. It is extravagance at its prime with a guarantee of an unforgettable experience. Travellers can enjoy personal concierge services of impeccable nature and full-service guest support which is complimentary.

Luxury Retreats was founded in the year 1999 with just one property at the onset. This Montreal-based company has expanded with time with a portfolio that includes an estimated four thousand luxury properties spread over one hundred destinations spread all over the globe in places like South Pacific, Europe, North America, New Zealand, Caribbean, South Africa and Central America.

Luxury Retreats offers villas that serve as city breaks, beachfront escapes and even home base for corporate retreats or large groups. If a homeowner wants to align with this Airbnb competitor it does not have to pay any sign-up costs as the brand follows a pay-for-performance model.

11. Outdoorsy


Outdoorsy is considered one of the largest peer-to-peer online marketplaces in the world. What the company does is connect the RV owners to campers who are looking for an unforgettable RV experience without the hassles of ownership.

Outdoorsy is a fully insured company that provides safe and easy options without levying any membership fees. It is an Airbnb competitor because several of its products and services are similar to the vacation rental giant but the point of difference is the company’s onus on RV space.

Outdoorsy is one of the best options to choose if you are thinking of visiting vast outdoor spaces like national parks or a remote area. It is a comprehensive platform for travellers that are looking to rent a stylish RV. Its product selection includes fifth wheelers, toy hauliers, motor homes, garden variety trailers, vintage Airstreams and Class A, B and C of RVs.

Airbnb competitors are dominating the headlines in recent years because they have been successful in meeting the potential travel possibilities of the tourists. The online booking sites are having a dream run because they are offering much better facilities and experience to establish their roots in the market. It is a blessing in disguise for the traveller who is looking for an extraordinary experience at bargain prices